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This page is dedicated to the parents of homeschooled teens who would like to learn more about the Teen Homeschool Hang before they allow their teen to join the forums.

  • Is this website appropriate for my teen?

    If your teenager is at least 13 years old, then yes, this website is appropriate. We try to keep the content clean and appropriate for all teens. However, we do get into some detailed topics at times, especially on the debate message board. If you would feel more comfortable, you may email GIMD and ask that your teen not have access to the debate board.
    If your family is especially conservative, feel free to email GIMD with any questions or concerns you have as far as what is discussed on the forums.

  • What are the rules?

    The rules can be found on THIS page.

  • Who has access to the forums? Can I feel confident that they are stalker-free?

    Every email address is checked for validity and every new member must agree to follow the rules before they are allowed to join. That in itself cuts down on people who aren't really homeschooled teens or who just want to cause trouble. Of course, as with everything online, there is always a chance someone who doesn't belong will be able to get into the forums. Which is why the moderators keep a close eye on the posts that are made, and members are encouraged to send a message to one of the management if they feel uncomfortable about someone or something.

  • Who is this GIMD person anyways?

    GIMD is the founder and current admin/manager of the Teen Homeschool Hang. She is a homeschooled teenager who manages the website in her spare time. Obviously she doesn't know the answer to everything, but she works hard to make both the members and their parents comfortable with the website. She also frequently seeks the advice and input of her parents when she comes across a situation that she's unsure about. She would be happy to tell you more about herself if you need convincing that she's a normal homeschooled student.

    If you have a question that hasn't been answered on this page or you have a concern or comment, please feel free to email the founder/manager, GIMD.

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