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About Us

Fast Facts:

  • All current homeschoolers and homeschool graduates are welcome on the forum! All we ask is that you follow the rules we have set up. Please read the rules and guidelines page before you join the forums.

  • All of the managers and moderators on the forum are current homeschoolers, or homeschool grads.

  • This site is carefully moderated to ensure the safety of the members and the confidence of their parents.

Our Mission:

To provide a safe and fun environment online for homeschooled teens to interact with others, make new friends, and extend their horizons.

Our history:

A message from the founder, GIMD, on the history of the THH:

The Teen Homeschool Hang was originally started in 2002 as a simple MSN group. As a young teenager, I had been searching online for quite a while to find a website where I could meet other homeschooled teens from different locations in the world. There were many websites devoted to supporting homeschooling moms, but I couldn't find a single one that was devoted to homeschooled teens.
So I decided to start my own and see what would happen. I knew very little about web design, although I was interested in HTML and creating graphics. I opted to start my "website" as an MSN group because the basic template was already there, along with message boards and all you had to do was add content to the pages. After a bit of experimenting I had a few basic pages, and, after a few months, I also had a few members.
Over a period of three years the Teen Homeschool Hang MSN group grew from zero to over 500 members, became affiliated with other Christian teen MSN groups, and became larger and more official-looking as I learned more about graphic design and taught myself the basics of HTML and webpage layout.
The MSN group was a great place to start, but I quickly realized that it was also very restricting. MSN limited the kinds of code you could use in your pages, and you never had complete control over everything. In the beginning I didn't know anything about what you could put on a web page, so it didn't bother me. As I learned more though, I found that it was very restricting.
I started making pages for a new Teen Homeschool Hang, one that would be an actual website and not an MSN group. With the help of one of my assistant managers, who had already created websites of his own, I was able to make a few simple pages for our new site. Figuring out phpBB message boards was a little bit more difficult, but I eventually got that working as well.
In the fall of 2005 I learned that MSN would be making major changes in January that might cause groups to disappear or have major problems. We'd had issues in the past when MSN "updated" their groups or changed something, so I decided to move the group over to its own site as soon as possible, shooting for January 1st, 2006.
It was a bit of a rush to get the pages finished and the forums working how I wanted them to, but with the help of my experienced assistant manager techie, the website was up and ready in time!


The forums and website were hacked November of 2006, so I had to shut it down for a few months to repair and rebuild. I took this opportunity to re-do the layout and look of the site, hopefully making it a bit more contemporary and attractive to teens. We re-opened January, 2007, with our new look and updated forum!
I'm still very busy with school, so the website will have content added as I have time. I'm hoping to improve the pages as my skill improves and add more exciting and interesting things over time. If you have any suggestions or would like to see something added to the site, please email me!

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